Data Analytics & Visualization Services

Using your company’s data to improve performance and adaptability

Data Analytics

One essential contributing factor in growing a strong and adaptable business is utilizing data analytics to identify actionable insights and drive efficiencies. Data analytics allows for aggregation across clients and industries, which in turn creates powerful performance metrics. You can visually track financial trends, monitor processes and identify red flags, enabling you to make profitable decisions and wise cuts, if necessary. Where can improvements be made? Is there a better avenue for reaching a certain goal or metric? By using analytics to make data meaningful, we can help your company set goals, proactively identify areas of improvement, and inform executive decisions.

At Artola CPA, we are well versed in data analysis. We have the ability to combine your company’s records with external data to tell the financial story of where you have been and where you may be headed.

Data Visualization

Once raw data has been converted into a readable and usable format, the data must be communicated to you properly. Simply looking at the data through a text-based lens is not the best way to recognize trends.

Through data visualization, we clean and transform your data into interactive charts, dynamic graphs and other visual aids, allowing company patterns or outliers to easily be identified. We use colors and shapes to explain your results simply and completely. As big data continues to become a larger part of the business landscape, communicating the most useful information is becoming increasingly important.

The Artola CPA team works along side you to help you and your organization gain insight into your business by transforming data into action.

Below are the services we offer:

Why Choose Artola CPA as Your Data Analytics Specialists?

Data is the primary force behind your business information. At Artola CPA, we will do the hard work of gathering all the data and complex information and present it to you in such a way that enables you to use it as a tool to efficiently and diligently assess your business.

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