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As one of the fastest-growing cities in the state of Florida, Doral is proving  to be a prime location for small businesses. Business owners in the Greater Miami area work hard to serve their community, but companies often face financial record management challenges.

Located in Doral, FL, Artola CPA provides professional accounting services that give your business the care and attention it deserves. Our accounting firm operates under the highest ethical standards and provides unmatched service, giving us a reputation as the city’s leading accounting professionals. We offer clients a broad range of services to ensure their company’s financial success.

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Accounting and Auditing

Company financial statements are the foundation for all crucial business decisions, so they must be accurate at all times. Our accounting firm specializes in analyzing transactions and providing exceptional bookkeeping services. Our job is to ensure that you have meaningful financial statements so that your company can improve its effectiveness and increase its profits.

Our accounting services will improve your daily business operations and give you the power to plan for your future. Artola CPA’s experienced accountants provide exceptional services for various industries, including hospitality, construction, real estate, and retail.

Through our accounting and auditing services, clients will receive the care and guidance they need to fully understand their business’s financial standing. Not only will our firm take care of the books, but we also help:

  • Analyze financial statements 
  • Financial statement audits
  • Resolve payroll discrepancies
  • Identify and rectify tax liabilities
  • Create strategic financial adjustments
  • Strategic business planning and projections
  • Assist in acquiring Line of Credit (LoC)

We can help our clients achieve a line of credit and proper financing through extending our services and allowing them to have solid books and records that are reliable.

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Tax Services

Without an adequate understanding of state and federal tax laws, your business may have an increased risk for tax liabilities. This is even worse if you fail to maintain accurate books. Online tax preparation services don’t do a good enough job in preventing these liabilities, but the accountants at Artola CPA can help.

Our firm offers a broad range of tax services to businesses throughout Doral and the surrounding areas. We provide a year-long tax planning service to ensure that we maximize all deductions and credits to reduce the risk of financial liabilities.

We also stay informed about changes to tax laws and make necessary adjustments on behalf of your company. Our team will provide your business with modified strategies to meet your specific needs, thus staying ahead of tax law changes and avoiding penalties.

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Business Consulting

For small businesses to grow, business owners must have a long-term plan, financial knowledge, a strong business foundation, accurate bookkeeping, and sound judgment. This list is not exhaustive, and it leads to a lot of work that takes away valuable time that should be spent focusing on other aspects of the business.

With a certified public accountant from Artola CPA, you will have some relief in managing your financial affairs. We offer accounting support and QuickBooks consultations to help your business reach its full potential. Our professionals have ample experience and knowledge to help your small business thrive. They are always just an email away when you need assistance.

A consultation with us can enhance your company’s:

  • Tax planning
  • Financial planning
  • Bookkeeping
  • Financial statement information
  • Business continuity planning

Artola CPA in Doral, FL, understands the challenges clients face with managing their books and overall end to end accounting process.

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