Artola CPA is a fully integrated professional accounting firm providing services across a spectrum of industries and interests.

We are dedicated to helping you prosper and grow while dealing with increasingly competitive, complex, and ever-changing environments. Our strength in the middle market enables us to advise you in all areas of development and growth while facilitating your end-to-end accounting needs.

Our team strives to build a solid reputation and client experience through commitment and dedication in each phase of the professional relationship.

At Artola CPA, your business is our business and your success is our success.

Our Culture and Core Values


Recognized for our extensive industry knowledge, we understand that every situation and process is different. Therefore, we take the time to understand your situation or business needs and identify solutions. This allows you to grow and manage success without having to worry about frustrating obstacles.


We share the same entrepreneurial mindset as our clients and believe in their vision. This approach allows us to think outside the box, share new ideas, and gain fresh perspectives to help you grow and gain a competitive advantage.


At Artola CPA, we put our best foot forward and are committed to delivering value to every working relationship. We believe in and are fully dedicated to serving our clients, our people, and our community.

We understand that you are a specialist in your field, and we admire and respect what you do. But we also believe that everyone could use a little help now and then. That is why we are dedicated to training our team not just in technical tax, audit, and accounting matters, but also in specific areas that impact your organization.

Our team is dedicated to understanding your industry and providing the level of support required to help you accomplish your goals.

Industries We Serve

Certified Public Accountants and members of the AICPA.